Successful companies have this in common: They market their goods or services effectively.

Think about Ford, GM and Chrysler: three giants of the American business scene. All in deep trouble. Trouble exacerbated by legacy costs, inept supplier relationships and choking bureaucracies. 

But more importantly, companies that didn’t understand and respond to the marketplace well enough to have the right products in the right quantity at the right price. All marketing issues.

August & Associates believes businesses that are stagnating, sliding backward or not growing quickly enough can often be helped by looking to the market to improve their core competencies. 

For instance:

  • Can they better focus on the market’s needs? 

  • Should they raise or lower prices? 

  • Change distribution systems? 

  • Reposition existing products? 

  • Adapt service delivery or distribution of information to more contemporary models?

And how will these changes, based on the needs of the marketplace, impact the rest of the company: information systems, cash flow, borrowing needs, personnel and so on?

At August & Associates, our core competency is understanding how marketing can impact the many facets that impact our clients’ success.

That’s business advising from a marketing point of view.

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