Over the years, a few ideas have come up over and over again. Some are pretty obvious, others unexpected. We think of them as lessons we’ve learned (some the hard way), and representative of the kind of thinking we often apply:

  • Raise the price. In some categories, prospects determine quality and value by price. 

  • It’s not always about sales or market share; it’s always about the bottom line.

  • A good salesman tries never to ask a question to which “no” is a possible answer.

  • It’s less important to be different than it is to get the market to perceive you as different.

  • The least expensive way to increase your advertising budget is to make your advertising more effective.

  • Marketing is not about you or your product / service; it’s about your customers and their needs.

  • More than ever, communications today must be approached without “media bias.” There are more media alternatives than ever, and they all work for someone. The trick is to figure out the best way to reach your market in an environment that supports your objectives.

  • Effective positioning represents the product of your core competency in the way that separates you from the competition and is most meaningful to your prospect. 

  • Nothing destroys a weak product faster than good advertising.

  • Change or die. Markets are always changing, and marketers have to be ahead or at least in step with the change. 

  • The most successful companies try to lead change. Then, often, they can own it. Think Intel.

  • No guts, no glory. Being too risk averse is very risky.

  • The more powerful the brand, the less likely a brand extension will work. 

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