“People don’t buy ¼” drills. They buy ¼” holes.

  • Our client thought of itself as a parity service provider. 

    August & Associates helped the client define a marketing position that differentiated its service from every competitor. In terms of values that are important to the market. The service didn’t change. But the way the service was positioned changed dramatically. 

    Next, we helped devise a sales strategy that reduced costs and increased results.

The lesson? Products are more likely to be successful when positioned properly in terms of the market’s needs.

  • Competition had reduced a client’s marketplace to a lowest cost provider environment. The client’s service cost more to buy initially, but saved the customer enough money over a two year period to deliver a significantly higher dollar savings and ROI.

    We helped the client devise a strategy where he presented his customer a series of service benefits. The customer was asked to prioritize the benefits. While price was one of the benefits, the customers rarely ranked it first or second. That gave our client the opportunity to sell to the customer’s priorities other than price. It worked.

The lesson? A business can, and must, develop new strategies to respond to changing market dynamics.

August & Associates has developed strategic and positioning solutions for organizations in business-to-business and consumer markets, products and services, not-for-profit, public and private sectors.

Add strategic marketing innovation and leadership to your tool set by using the experience, skills and creativity you need from August & Associates.

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