Jim August: 

Energy. Analytical. Creative. Results.

40+ years in the advertising agency business. 
More than 20 years as President of Stone, August & Co.

B2B. Consumer brands. Services. Technical. Public sector. Non-for-profits.

Hot dogs. Carbide. Weight loss. Real estate. Retail. Healthcare. Cognac. Beer. 

Publicly held, global corporations. Entrepreneurial start-ups. 

Golf. Grandchildren. No fishing. 

Illana Greenberg

Innovative. Strategic. Focused. Results.

20+ years professional in advertising agency, newspaper and magazine marketing, sales, publishing and internet.

Lifestyle magazines, niche publications, retail, performance management, circulation, distribution and editorial development, community, non-profit.

Innovative effective solutions. Influencer marketing. Database marketing. Partnership brand marketing.

Dog walker, foodie, newspaper junkie, mom.

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